Since the Japanese household bottled water market is limited to 2 and 20 liters, no company sells water in the range of 3 to 8 liters. We consider that 6-liter bottled water is more suitable for families of 3-4 people in Japan. The design of the carton box and tap are also very suitable for use in Japan. Because the small space in Japanese houses is not ideal for a water cooler, and the environmentally friendly carton can be placed in any corner of the room. In addition, the user-friendly ventilating tap can be easy to discharge water, making the whole process more convenient. The core value of our product design is user-friendliness, and we hope to bring users convenient life and deepen the interaction between parents and children. After the mass production, the design team saw an unboxing video shared by consumers on YouTube, which shows a mother and daughter assembling and explaining the product together. According to users' feedback, we realized that our products not only provide good water and quality life for our customers but also become a work of art. Parents and children can work together to finish the water holder and enhance their emotional interaction. In addition to the carton water holder, our product also comes with a ventilating tap, which is not found in other products. Aside from using it at home, it is also very convenient to use outdoors when camping. Customers do not need to prepare a water holder for our product, which is convenient and environmentally friendly. This product saves the resources of the earth and responds to the principles of the 3Rs. 1. Reduce: We upgrade the capacity from 500-meter liter to 6 liters to reduce the use of packaging materials. 2. Reuse: We transform the carton into a holder. 3. Recycle: The water holder and tap we designed are reusable. As designers, we want to do our part to protect the earth. Therefore, we design environmentally friendly products to make some contribution to the environment and society.



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